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Thank you for even thinking about helping us. We appreciate that.  
One of our biggest problems is that everyone wants to help and bring  sweets, toys and cakes, but in reality, we do not really like our children to have too many sweets, toys or cakes as we feel sugary foods are not very good for their health and too many toys are not good too.
To be honest, we have a hard time paying the salaries, water and electric bills each month and if you would like to help with those, we would be happy very much. We understand that people do not like to hand over cash  but we thank you for your consideration.
We have three full time staff in our children's home and they have to be paid each month.
If you can't help us finacially, please tell your friends about us, share this website, share our Facebook page and tell people about us. 
We truly thank you for considering to help us help children to change their lives for the better. When we work together, we can all achieve so much more!  
We currently still are losing each month, therefore you can do some of the things below to help us, we would really appreciate it.​
1. Could you put one of our Charity Boxes some where?
2. Please can you help us with any ideas to help us raise some funds.
3. Share this Website on your website of Facebook page. 
4. Make a donation online.
5. Sponsor a Child.
6. Tell a friend about us.
7. Hold a Birthday party or another event to raise funds four our Children's Home. If your in Thailand we can help you do this.
8. Ask your boss at your company to help us. You can claim the tax back
9. Donate your second hand items to us so we can use or sell. 
10. Pay one of our utilities Bills.

A Government

Registered Foundation


We have space to take in 35 more children.

Can you help us do that?  

We can't do it without your help.

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