It is our Vision to give a home to around 46 Children that were living under deprived or dangerous conditions. We want all our Children to grow up experiencing modern ways . We want to give them the best we possibly can give them. 

Our conditions are a very good standard. We want to change our children's lives forever and not bring them up as poor children. We want them to have values, respect and a good education as much as we can. We feel if we just bring them but with only the necessities, then they will go back to where they came from at the age of 16.
We want our Children to grow up and become a changed person, we are teaching them that if they work hard they can achieve the things they want. We want to push them to have careers, to find out early in their life what they want to do and push them to achieve their dreams.
All our Children have to clean their own home (Supervised by a maid) Take care of the garden and keep their rooms clean and tidy at all times 
We are investing in our children now so that when they are 20 they can get a good job and invest in their  next generations to come.



A Government

Registered Foundation


We have space to take in 35 more children.

Can you help us do that?  

We can't do it without your help.