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Thank you everyone!

Thank you everyone!

We are a Children's Home in Hua Hin, Thailand and we have a modern building with 46 beds for Children that were living in deprived  or dangerous areas.
All our Children's rooms are en suite and each room has four children in. Each room has hot and cold water, two bunk beds, wardrobes, and a small Balcony. We want them to have a good standard so we can really change their life so when they are eighteen years old, they won't go back to where they came from. 

We want to get every child bed full. Now we don't have enough funds to fill all 46 beds. So instead of pushing people for funds, we ask all our family to try introuduce a new friend to help us  or ask you to advertise your business on our website. We don't want to keep taking, we want to give back to you too! 

A Government

Registered Foundation


We have space to take in 35 more children.

Can you help us do that?  

We can't do it without your help.

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