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Come and visit our Children's Home

Come and visit our Children's Home

Before you come,read our rules below

Before you come,read our rules below

We are very Happy that you are considering paying us a visit. Safety of our Children is our top priority and we ask all visitors to keep a few simple rules in mind.

1. Please do not bring Cakes or Sweets

2. Do not enter the children's Home until a member of staff have authorised you to enter the premises.

3. No pictures of anything without our staff's permission.

4. You are not allowed to go upstairs without a member of staff accompanying you.

5. Nothing to be given to any children without the consent and checking of our staff.

6. No guest can speak to children alone, all times staff must be present.

7. We are sorry we have got these rules, however, these are for the safety of our children.

8. You can visit the home most days but not on Monday's 

9. Your welcome to bring, fresh meats, vegetables, fresh fruits, healthy foods, etc etc. 

10. The best time to visit is between 4pm and 7pm when the children are not at school. 


A Government

Registered Foundation


We have space to take in 35 more children.

Can you help us do that?  

We can't do it without your help.

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