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Can you be a Helping Hand?

Can you be a Helping Hand?

Lending a Helping Hand

Lending a Helping Hand

Can you help a child?

Can you help a child?

We are looking for a company or a sponsor for our Children’s home telephone Bill every month. To a maximum Baht of 950 baht (20 Pounds)  (30 US Dollars) per month. Could someone help with that please?

We need help to make our fence higher around our Children's home to stop them climbing out into the road.

We need some one to teach our children English, Can you help them?

We also need someone to cut the grass every month.

We need help to pay the Electric Bill and Water Bill  this month.​

We need help with getting down our debt. Please contact us for more details.


A Government

Registered Foundation


We have space to take in 35 more children.

Can you help us do that?  

We can't do it without your help.

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